Discover restaurants with Makanbah: Spin the wheel and enjoy a delicious meal!

Not sure where to eat?
Use Makanbah

Spin To Explore

Explore restaurants with a spin. Take a chance and let the wheel surprise you with dining options from various cuisines.

Personalize Your Wheel

Curate your own collection of favorite restaurants. Add, edit, and customize the list to match your cravings.


Feeling adventurous? Mix it up with randomization. Let Makanbah create a unique list of restaurants for you with just a tap. Discover new culinary delights!

Download Now!

Discover the perfect dining spot with Makanbah! Spin the wheel and let it choose a restaurant when you’re unsure where to eat. Customize your preferences, explore different areas and cuisines, and even create your own restaurant list. More exciting features coming soon! Embrace the joy of spontaneous dining. Download Makanbah now and let destiny guide your culinary adventures.

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